Personalized "Of All Animals Big and Small" Sippy Cup Tumbler

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Item number: SCT6000

To inspire love and appreciation for living things this sippy cup makes the statement: "Of All Animals Big and Small, (My Name is [ Name ] And I Love Them All."  

  • Easy to Use: Has 2 handles, so kids can hold them comfortably and easily. The wide-mouth design makes cleaning the thin cup very easy. Comes with 2 lids, giving you two ways to use it, one is the handle lid for the sippy cup; the other is spill-proof.
  • Shatter-proof Stainless Steel Material -- Each cup is made through a rigorous screening process so that we can promise you that the AGH tumbler is BPA-FREE, non-toxic, with no odd odor, no rust, and shatter-proof. 
  • Capacity is 12 Fluid Ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 2.7"W x 5.1"H
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