Groomed, Perfumed and In Full Bloom for the Big Day

Published on 14 July 2023 at 16:36

From the avenues of the coastal cities  to the trails across  the lands of milk and honey,  guys assist each other through life helping one another make the tough decisions. At some time  in the very near future an engaged guy will ask the cool and thoughtful dude that had helped him the most in life to be his Groomsman in his wedding party.

Groomsmen  were groomed to help. They’ll help you choose what to serve -Filet of Fish or Vegetable Sushi!  They'll help you decide where to vacation - the Swiss Alps, the beaches of the Caribbean or the jungles of South America. They will suggest the type of music to be played - Elvis Standards, Big Bop Pop, The Big Town Orchestra or the Led Zeppelin Ramblin' On stuff. Maybe some jazz, maybe some blues, maybe some funk or hip-hop. Hell yes, music to the ears, a few good beats to shuffle the feet. 

You've made the right decision, asked the perfect mate to share the altar. Without much forethought you laid down the red Groomsmen Proposal carpet and after a few good handshakes or maybe a kiss or two, it is a done deal. And being a done deal, you know it's time to bring out the gifts - the personalized proposal gifts that you and I so joyfully collaborated on, created and postmarked.

Just think - soon you will be the star of the Bachelorette Party. You had  accepted the hand of your soulmate, your life's dancing partner, your other half, your muse in various hues.


Now that the big date has been set, your good friends, sisters and cousins are ready to co-star on the stage of matrimonial planning. Time to ask them: "As my Bestie, my lifetime confidante and go-to person I would love for you to be my Maid of Honor!" Great, that is wonderful, I'm so happy!

"My schoolmate and long-time study partner, I'd love for you to be one of my  bridesmaids." 

"My dear Cousin Betsy, I was honored when you chose me to be one of your bridesmaids before you married Johnny and again, when you were getting ready to marry Big Chuck.  Now it's my time to return the favor and ask you to be a member of my wedding party. Will you be a bridesmaid?"

Ah yes, now it's time, our time to provide the gifts to your crew and those witnessing the "I do!"




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