Eternal Love - Enraptured

Published on 9 June 2023 at 06:56

Summertime - a walk along the beach, a stroll among the willows, a walk down the aisle - love within our reach, love upon our pillows!

Alone now –you and me, hand and hand
upon the shore of sea and grains of sand
Above, the stars glistening,
and angels listening

to the heart of a woman,
the soul of this man


Caressing softly your gentle face
We fall to our knees, a strong embrace
Love blooms fully before the ocean’s edge
Heaven awaits our body’s pledge,
The waves roll in,
sprayed with a gentle mist

The map of your skin navigates my kiss


You murmur softly love’s ample song
violins, harps and the thrash of gong
Two hearts beat together, rhythms compete
Love on the ocean’s edge, echoes repeat
Caverns of night, the starlit womb
Ecstasy rises from the tomb


Long time waiting,
I know too your carnal needs

down in your valley I plant the seeds
You are so delicate yet strong
Hearts as one, the final song

—-By Ricky J. Fico

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